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 ...and that's a pity because this site is very cool and I love the look of my blog.  I guess most of my friends are still over on livejournal or even Facebook.  I use both of those but find Facebook is kind of weak.  It's good for keeping in some kind of touch with a large number of people but I greatly prefer blogs because you can actually post substantial, important and in depth entries without having to make them into "notes" that you then have to tag people in for them to even notice they're there. Sheesh.  If I want to post here regularly I am going to need to make a day to do it and stick with it. 

Last week was Edgar Allan Poe's birthday.  I'm sure anyone who stumbles across this silly blog of mine can see that I like Mr. Poe.  Naturally I celebrate his birthday by reading selected poems and stories and posting about it.  I'd make him a cake if he was around to eat it!  (I am the unofficial cake-maker for all my friends, ask anyone)  

I am still not painting.  I had to take all my cool, creepy paintings down and put them away because they were too dark for my son who is eight and a little too focused on zombies and dragons and things for a second-grader.  I guess I will have to make slightly more cheerful paintings for my suddenly, sadly barren library walls soon.  I have some ideas but I am not sure how well I can execute them, we'll see I suppose. 

And with that; it is after 4pm and I need to get started on an early dinner for the troops!


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